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About Us
Stan Kuhn, the owner and Energy Analyst, has worked in home building and remodeling for over 40 years, working in all of the major home systems.  He has served as a Building Inspector, and just prior to entering the home performance field served for ten years as a Home Inspector, having performed nearly 4,000 inspections for home buyers and sellers.

In recent years, with the realization that energy costs were rising quickly, and energy use was also rising, he decided that his knowledge and efforts could be best utilized by helping homeowners improve the energy performance of their homes; in turn that would ease the costs of home ownership, and help to reduce environmental pollution.

Stan has taken all of the required testing to become nationally certified to perform Home Energy Audits; Home Energy Ratings for builders and homeowners who wish to earn the Energy Star New Home label.

Stan has earned certifications from the Building Performance Institute, Residential Energy Services Network, and National Association of Home Builders (Certified Green Professional).  All are National certifications.

Each of the certifying organizations has its own set of stringent standards, and Stan will follow them to the letter.

Stan is happy to speak with anyone who has an interest in energy conservation.  Feel free to contact him at or call our number.


AUDIT PROCESS:  We strive to perform the best, most comprehensive and accurate data and fact gathering; then perform a thorough analysis of the energy system in your home; and finally generate a report of findings and recommendations for the best solution to your energy problems.  The report includes a financial analysis of each of the recommended improvements for your consideration, including payback period.
Our testing is performed using the latest building science techniques and equipment.  Our methods utilize a blower door to depressurize the home to derive an accurate air infiltration rate, a duct blower to determine the leakage rate of air ducts, an infrared camera that allows us to see "temperature pictures" to determine problem areas, specialized pressure measuring instruments, and specialized combustion testing instruments.  All of these devices, and several others, are used to help provide for a safe and energy-efficient living environment for your family.

Our SERVICE AREA includes all of Central Pennsylvania