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"Before you spend money HOPING to fix problems, get an Unbiased Energy Evaluation to determine your BEST SOLUTION"
Welcome to ENERGY AUDITORS Home Page.  We're proud of the many compliments we have received over the years about our service, a few of which we have placed on our Testimonials page; Feel free to browse them.

In these times of increasing energy cost and environmental change, we have made it our mission to do our best to help make it more affordable for our customers to live comfortably in their homes through energy conservation,  to reduce excess environmental emissions which are created by energy waste, and to pursue energy upgrades to their homes based upon scientific analysis rather than guesswork.

Our guarantee to you is that we will do our level best to provide you with complete, honest information about your energy issues and how to correct them as reasonably as possible.

Our analysis and recommendations are unbiased and represent only our best professional advice on how to reduce home energy costs and improve your comfort level.

You will learn how to gain energy savings in your home through utilizing our thorough report of prioritized recommendations for energy conservation measures.
Our Home Energy Audits are computer modeled in order for component costs and savings projections to be as accurate and consistent as possible.

SERVICES:  Our services include: home energy audits, home energy ratings for new & existing homes, Energy Star new home certifications, energy and comfort consulting for builders and homeowners, and new home construction code compliance testing of air infiltration and duct leakage.  See our other pages for details.  Feel free to call to discuss any energy related issue that's on your mind.  We are here to help you.

We are audit providers under the PPL e-Power Home Assesment program.  We are also Certified Auditors for the Keystone HELP loan program, certified to direct energy improvement projects under their program guidelines.

We also provide Energy Star rating services to the modular home industry, both in-plant and final on site verifications.

FEES: Each home and service is unique, so to be as fair as possible to all clients our fees are based upon the estimated time and resources needed to perform the required tasks.  Pricing is based upon the complexity of the job and distance of travel required.  Please call us and we will calculate a fee in a few minutes, based upon a few questions about your project.