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Home Energy Ratings
ENERGY AUDITORS performs Home Energy Ratings for builders and homeowners, in order to certify that the home meets the requirements of the Energy Star New Home program, as well as other similar energy-efficient new home programs.  A home that meets the standard is expected to perform at a greater energy-efficiency level (15% or greater) than those built to the current energy (minimum) code.

An Energy Star rating also allows buyers to utilize an Energy Efficiency Mortgage for new homes and existing homes.  These mortgages make it possible for a buyer to afford a home with energy-efficiency upgrades at a similar cost to those that don't have the measures.  The owner will continue to reap savings on energy costs for their entire stay in the home, as well as to have a home that is more comfortable, and produces a lesser amount of greenhouse gases.
Home Energy Ratings are performed under the standards of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and the requirements of the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating System (MINHERS).

Builders will receive priority scheduling of reviews and inspections.  We understand your need to keep on schedule.

We are proud to provide rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR label.  ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements.  Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the U.S. EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR remains the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance.  These homes are good for businesses, consumers, and the environment.  Learn more about ENERGY STAR qualified new homes at